17 April 2009

Misfits Cove

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If you go anywhere in SL and are above the age of 18, then Misfits Cove is a place you should visit once.. if not to explore at least to sit and chat and meet some great people. The whole idea of Misfits Cove might leave a few questioning my motives, but I promise you will never meet a group of nicer and more interesting people then at Misfits. There is a dance floor and a cage and pole or two to dance on.. there is also a stage for the employees if you are not a dancer. If you are just looking for someplace to chill they have great bean bags and a few piggies so you get to look cute too.

If you are more adventures there is a theater and an alley and something upstairs! Feel free to share with me what is up there.. (no pics please!) :) There are many places that I could not take a picture but I am sure there was some very interesting things to see. There are also very friendly people working here and hanging out. Just play nice and they will too!

This are the few pics I was willing to take:

Tee Hee. A back alley.

A piggy chair. You can curl up in its lap or sit on its head.

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