29 April 2009

Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach has been a place I have visted many times. Usually I go here to relax on the beach and soak up the sun rays or sit around the fire pit and people watch or chat. There are some mature places here and this is technically a nude beach though not all sections require your avatar to be nude.

Even though it is hard to see in the pics I have taken there is usually a large crowd of people from all over waiting at the beach. The staff is also really nice and usually hanging around somewhere on the beach. The beach can get laggy at times so it is best just to find someone where to sit and let it rez.

There are pose balls under the structure on the left. I believe there is also a bar there. To the right is many chairs with singles or couples pose balls and water floats and beach towels. The sunsets are wonderful and worth the wait. I hear the same about the sun rises, so I might have to go and chat and wait and see for myself.

I had never seen the water slide before, but I so want to try it out. I am not sure if its in the clothing optional section or not, but will see the next time I go to check out the sun rise. :)

Vinyl Cafe

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This is one of my favorite places to shop and pick up freebies. There is a hang out spot with a dance floor and a mall filled with goodies. I did a quick tour with a pick up an item or two. I saw mainly female clothing and item.

Shops include Danika, MIA: West World, iTalian Style, *Bliss Couture*, Angel's Designs, and more. Vinyl Cafe also has a changing freebie or dollarbie item. There are also some places "off the beaten path" that I did not explore.

I could not help myself. I had to pick up and item or two. My favorite purchase is the "Indyra Originals: C'est Facile: White" pictured below.

Moose Beach Info Hub

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For whatever reason one time when tping, Second Life decided I should wind up at the Moose Beach Info Hub. This place has shops and lots of people... I tried to go back tonight to get the landmark and the sim was full. Maybe one day I will get to stop by again. :)

25 April 2009

Adam n Eve

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Skins, shoes, lingerie, hair, female and male clothing and skins. Tons of hair is on sale currently and the skins are absolutely gorgeous. They also have a section for Bargain Basement deals if you are looking for some specials. The pic below is inside the shoe shop. :)

Fantasma Plaza

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I was directed to this location from one of my favorite blogs, SL Good Deals. Modd G. Pheonix, jasPose, Smersh, Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, Twosome, Pididdle, and more.

I love this mall. While walking around this place I found many items I would love to have and some awesome creators. I did pick up all the freebies, because be honest.. if you know they come from a good place, who does not pick them up?

There are more then just clothing shops, such as jasPose. So no matter what you are in the mood for try this mall!


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Tempura has long been known for its beauty. I decided to check it out for my first time and I was left breathless. I also met a few interesting people and it seems as if there are always people exploring, dancing, and just hanging out.

There are many animals located around the sim. There is also seating and places and dance or just sit and chat with a special person located in romantic nooks and crannies.

There are also some stumps with cute animations. This one has me perusing a book, which is one of my hobbies.

Here is another one for just thinking located near gigantic sensational waterfall.

There are also some "hidden" places. If you walk through a waterfall it leads to the campfire and tent with a hot tub. There is also a ramp down to the lower portion of the waterfall where you can dance or relax and take in the scenery.

21 April 2009

Alien Isles

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I am not sure how long this place has been here, but it is new to me. I usually run around looking as human and girlie as possible, but sometimes a girl just has to play! This place allows you to make a FREE alien avatar. In the picture below you can see part of the process for creating and completing your avatar. On the left, in the chamber, is the alien avatar in work. You get to choose from different heads, bodys, arms, legs, backs and sounds.

On the right hand side of the picture is where you take your new alien avatar and modify its skin, color, eyes and eye color. Here is a picture of my alien before coloring.

And the next is my new avatar after and modifications. I do not have any eyes so I did not have to change those settings. There is much more to the sim. There are activities and things to explore. I am adding this place to my "places to visit again" for future exploring. If you have not been here already I suggest you visit it at least once!

Carnival of Doom

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Welcome to a great hang out spot. This place has tons of things to explore and offers many surprise delights. "Last Ride of Your Life" is the slogan and by the looks of things I believe it!

Broken down Ferris Wheel.

One of the many fun looking rides, though make sure to watch out for the spikes.

Harvester stationary after many years of use harvesting the fields of corn.
A old windmill next to the big top tent.

On top of the bleachers, in the big top tent, overlooking the one ring.

There are many other games and rides and things to explore. Make sure to add this place to your "places you want to check out" list.

Rockers Wear - 25L Blowout

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This place is wonderful and if you have not run across it before you should plan a visit. This mall has a variety of excellent clothing and all for the price of 25L. I picked up some really cute items and am happy I was introduced.

The stores inside include: Rocker's , Rocker's Girls, Emo Closet and Accessories and in the girls section there are some goodies which are 10L and still cute.

Here is a pic of some of the goodies I picked up. Left is some baggy cargos. Middle has a sweet hoodie. And far right is a overalls!

17 April 2009

Misfits Cove

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If you go anywhere in SL and are above the age of 18, then Misfits Cove is a place you should visit once.. if not to explore at least to sit and chat and meet some great people. The whole idea of Misfits Cove might leave a few questioning my motives, but I promise you will never meet a group of nicer and more interesting people then at Misfits. There is a dance floor and a cage and pole or two to dance on.. there is also a stage for the employees if you are not a dancer. If you are just looking for someplace to chill they have great bean bags and a few piggies so you get to look cute too.

If you are more adventures there is a theater and an alley and something upstairs! Feel free to share with me what is up there.. (no pics please!) :) There are many places that I could not take a picture but I am sure there was some very interesting things to see. There are also very friendly people working here and hanging out. Just play nice and they will too!

This are the few pics I was willing to take:

Tee Hee. A back alley.

A piggy chair. You can curl up in its lap or sit on its head.

Phat Cat's Jazz Club

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My sweetie took me out dancing at this wonderful location that I had never been to before. The decor was beautiful and the music and people were absolutely wonderful. The music is of course Jazz and the dress code is formal. I personally loved the greenery going around each column around the dance floor.

If you can give the place a moment to rez before you head off to the dance floor. If you do not have anything to wear there are tons of great shops to browse through for that perfect dress or tux. They even have shops for shoes and accessories. There are events held every day and friendly people are always around.

14 April 2009

Malatu Club, Ibiza the Island

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I have been here before and am sure I will be again many times! This place only has live dj's spinning great dance music and is also one of the best places to watch the dancers and the gorgeous sunset! The music can be trance, dance, house or lounge music and is really enjoyable. Very friendly people!

09 April 2009

Intoduction By Companion

Name: Companion Blessed
Age: SL Resident since 9/17/2007

How I spend my SecondLife (SL) time: I try and partake in a little of everything and there is not much I will shy away from. Life, even our SL Life is a learning process of events. I am starting my own business and if you continue to watch my adventures you may see my business plans come to life.

What I look like: The image you see to the left of this blog is me. I am of average height compared to all the other avatars in SL, though they tend to usually be taller. I have blond short hair and green eyes and one tattoo on my right shoulder blade of a flower. Though this will change over time as I am sure with everyone else playing.

What I hope to do: Visit great places, do fun things, learn some new tips and tricks, have some good times and also to have a place to jot down my experiences so I can take a look back later. Like most people I enjoy shopping and finding new goodies . I also enjoy the random exploring and meeting new people.

Additional Information: Other then the side project I mentioned previously I am trying to increase my image manipulation skills. I will be posting pictures every now and again of my works in progress. I created my new profile pic and have already uploaded it.

Todays Visits:

The Best of SL Boulevard - tons of great clothing shops. If I had a million L or at least a sugar daddy this is the place I would live! There are so many stores all featuring excellent fascinating collections of goodies! They also have an Easter Egg Hunt going on with tons of unique freebies. I still need to explore the bounty I stumbled across while taking pics. If you follow fashion at all then you are aware that The Best of SL Boulevard is a great fashion warehouse of new styles and a wide range of styles and ideas all in one location. If you did not already know that, well know you do! Make sure to visit if you have not.

Everything is very impressive and all vendors are exquisite. 

One of the many statues around the sim.