21 June 2009


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This has been one of my favorite shops for a while. They just recently moved and I had to go and see the new freebies/new items and new store and I am happy I did. The pic below is outside the store at night while raining.

They have the "I beta tested your bf/gf" tanks up as the item currently. Everyone always ask me where I picked it up from and here you go, landmark and location! So go and pick yours up now! The pic below is of the back of the tank.

15 June 2009

Forest Feast - Fantasy Garden

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This place is very beautiful! Here I am sitting on a giant glass bulb out in one of the many fields of flowers. The sim is designed to have different sections with many things to see and different color scheme and styles.

There is one shop that if I had the L I would be there now contemplating my next purchase. :) I so want a mermaid avatar from Kamiohitoe.

There are many spots located around to take great pictures or hang out or dance.


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I know I say this often but this is one more place I want to go back and explore more. I think there are many cute single/couple/group pose balls that would work with this scenery. It is a flooded town and it a place everyone should see at least once.

I have not found out any more of the story other then the place if flooded, which can be seen. :)

11 June 2009

Amity Islands

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If you decide to check out this place plan on spending a little bit of time exploring and finding and trying out all the cool things you will run across. I saw Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel, and a Drive In Move Theater, but I was not able to spend much time looking around.

Shops include Serenade, Filthy Hobbit, Deco Retropia, Tameless and many more. As you can see there is a variety of shops and styles of products available.


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This is one of my favorite shops for rockabilly, pin-up and vintage. There are dresses, skirts, top, pants, whole outfits, shoes and maybe more. Formal and informal, naughty and nice... This store will have something for everyone. There is always a group dollarbie and always cute new items to purchase. The prices on the clothing here are also reasonably priced.


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Although there is not a lot here this place is stunning. If you want to try SL photography this place has the potential to provide beautiful shots.