05 July 2009


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Home of Panda Express, Robot Cupcake, Tarnished!


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This place is stunning. Not only is there a ton of beautiful people but the surronding are serene and justifiably amazing!


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This place was very beautiful and unfortunatly I could not stay long. I will have to make a trip back again soon. The place is a castle, though it is funny that I did not take a picture of it. I love castles. :P But here are some pics I did take. The last pic was just some columns and stairs and I decided to play a little in the editor. Sorry!

The Stores at Amber Myst Cidade

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I believe there is a hunt going on where the item to find is a tiered sand sculpture with shells and an american flag at the top.

Here is the item you need to find.

There are many unique items and I fell in love instantly with one. Though I can imagine not many others will agree with me. :)

I love how some hover nearby while others travel further. 

If you are just now starting out or are looking for a place to put some of your products this sim looks like it could be your next stop
Stores include: k&k stlye, The Caproni Style, Amber Myst and more.