29 April 2009

Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach has been a place I have visted many times. Usually I go here to relax on the beach and soak up the sun rays or sit around the fire pit and people watch or chat. There are some mature places here and this is technically a nude beach though not all sections require your avatar to be nude.

Even though it is hard to see in the pics I have taken there is usually a large crowd of people from all over waiting at the beach. The staff is also really nice and usually hanging around somewhere on the beach. The beach can get laggy at times so it is best just to find someone where to sit and let it rez.

There are pose balls under the structure on the left. I believe there is also a bar there. To the right is many chairs with singles or couples pose balls and water floats and beach towels. The sunsets are wonderful and worth the wait. I hear the same about the sun rises, so I might have to go and chat and wait and see for myself.

I had never seen the water slide before, but I so want to try it out. I am not sure if its in the clothing optional section or not, but will see the next time I go to check out the sun rise. :)

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